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  • Quick-R has good tutorials on a variety of topics.
  • Stack Overflow is a forum that has answers to pretty much any question you can imagine.
  • SWIRL is an interactive tutorial that’s run in R.
  • Todd’s presentation at the 2015 Annual NERRS Meeting has a lot of good basic vocabulary and workflow info. You can download the morning’s workshop materials here .
  • The SWMPr cookbook also has good basic info in it, including topics like what to do every time you start an R session.
  • Coursera has several free courses; one that was recommended by a tech is called “ The Data Scientist’s Toolbox ”.
  • If you like books, “Getting Started with R: An Introduction for Biologists” by Andrew P. Beckerman and Owen L. Petchey is a good one. It’s about $40 from Amazon.

Do you have any resources that have helped you out? Let us know!]]>
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