The afternoon session will be an overview of the widgets of SWMPrats and selected time series topics. The SWMPrats website was created to assist the NERRS program with analysis and interpretation of SWMP data. Three widgets on the website allow users to summarize trends within and between sites using a point-and-click approach. Selected time series topics will include weighted regression for trend analysis, time series decomposition, and Seasonal Kendall tests.

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  1. Understand the resources provided by SWMPrats
  2. Learn the widgets and their assumptions
  3. Familiarity with specific time series topics, why and how they are used

1:00pm Software set-up/help

Instructors will assist workshop attendees with lastā€minute software issues.

1:15pm Introduction to Widgets

Overview of SWMPrats website Overview of interactive widgets

Materials: presentation, script

2:00pm Time Series Topic 1

Topic 1: Weighted regression in tidal waters

Materials: presentation, script, noczbnut.RData, noczbwq.RData

3:00pm BREAK

3:30pm Time Series Topic 2

Topic 2: Time series decomposition

Materials: presentation, script, supplement

4:15pm Time Series Topic 3

Topic 3: Seasonal Kendall tests

Materials: presentation, script, noczbnut.RData

5:00pm ADJOURN