Below are links to training recordings for each of the sessions from the 2016 workshop. Please note that these materials are provided as is for informational purposes and are not intended as actual online training videos. The Adobe Connect plugin is required for viewing and a download prompt will open in the browser if not installed. Visit the individual pages for the morning and afternoon sessions for training materials.

Morning sessions

Powerpoint presentation overview: view

Part I, Data import and plots: view

Part II, Case Study 1, import_local and QAQC: view

Part II, Case Study 2, aggreswmp: view

Part II, Case Study 3, overplotting ISCO and WQ data: view

Afternoon sessions

Introduction to Widgets: view

Time Series Topic 1, Weighted regression in tidal waters: view

Time Series Topic 2, Time series decomposition and intro to Fast Fourier transform: view

Time Series Topic 3, Seasonal Kendall tests: view