Afternoon Session:  Introduction to SWMPr 

Instructor: Marcus W. Beck

October 25, 2021

The afternoon workshop will be an Introduction to SWMPr.  SWMPr is an R package written by Marcus Beck and designed specifically for accessing and analysing data collected as part of the NERRS SWMP program.  A basic familiarity with R or attendance during the morning session is required.  Topics will include an overview of SWMPr, methods for SWMP data retrieval, data organization, and data analysis/visualization.


1:30pm    Software SetUp/Help

Participants should already have R and RStudio and SWMPr installed on their personal laptop.  (Installation instructions for R and RStudio are available here, instructions for SWMPr available here)  If the installation does not go smoothly, help will be available during this pre-workshop time slot.

The software installation will require Admin Rights on your computer.  If you do not have these rights, or do not know the password to allow these rights, your computer IT department/person will need to install this software BEFORE you come to the workshop.


2:00pm    SWMPr Overview, Data Retrieval, and Organizing

Objectives: Participants will have an understanding of the purpose of SWMPr and its philosophy.  Participants will learn how to retrieve and organize SWMP data using functions in SWMPr.

  1. Why and what is SWMPr?
  2. How are data retrieved from CDMO and imported into R with SWMPr?
  3. What is the basic structure of a ‘swmpr’ data object?
  4. What are some basic organizing functions in SWMPr and why would they be used?


  1. Brief overview of SWMPr and its purpose/philosophy
  2. Getting SWMP data into R
  3. Understanding the data format
  4. Initial data processing with SWMPr functions

Materials: swmpr_overview.Rproj


3:30pm BREAK (15 min)


3:45pm: Intro to Analysis with SWMPr

Objectives: Participants will have an understanding of the analysis functions in SWMPr.

  1. What are some basic analyses that can be accomplished with SWMPr? 
  2. What are some of the plotting utilities provided by SWMPr? 
  3. What are some resources for additional learning?


  1. Generic and specific functions provided by the SWMPr package
  2. Plotting your data with SWMPr
  3. Overview of additional resources: SWMPr cookbook and SWMPrats



5:00pm ADJOURN