Workshop Modules


Each training module will typically have a presentation, script, and dataset.  You can follow along in each module using the script in R while the instructors discuss the topics in the presentation.  The dataset for each module is a zipped folder that contains raw .csv files.  Make sure you decompress the folder to a known location.  Do not move the .csv files.  Set your working directory to the decompressed folder to import the .csv files in R.


Download everything in a single, zip-compressed folder.

     click here to download

     This one zip file includes all of the individual files listed below.


Download items individually

9:00am Introduction/Overview

     presentation (download PDF)

10:00am SWMP Data Retrieval and Preparation

     presentation (download PDF)

     script1 (download .r)

     dataset1 (download zipped folder)

10:45am Data Processing

     presentation (download PDF)

     script2 (download .r)

     dataset2 (download zipped folder)

01:00pm Exploratory Data Analysis

     presentation (download PDF)

     script3 (download .r)

     dataset3 (download zipped folder)

02:00pm Example Dataset Group Activity

     presentation (download PDF)

     dataset4 (download zipped folder)