Post-Workshop Resources


Download everything in a single, zip-compressed folder.

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      This one zip file includes all of the individual files listed below.


SWMPr workshop version

The SWMPr package will continue to be developed.  We have provided the version (0.4.0) used in the workshop as a static file.  The most recent version of the package can be installed from GitHub.

      SWMPr v0.4.0 (download .tar.gz)

The package can be installed directly in R using the following command (change path as needed):

install.packages('C:/mypath/SWMPr_0.4.0.tar.gz', repo = NULL, type = 'source')


SWMP Cookbook

The SWMP cookbook provides a collection of instructions and scripts that perform specific tasks for working with SWMP data in R.  It provides scripts that use functions from the SWMPr package, as well as many others available in the base or contributed packages available in R.  This cookbook is meant to provide workshop participants with a 'go-to' document that builds on content covered in the workshop.  Much of the content can be a considered a basic approach to time series and we encourage the exploration of alternative, more specific methods that are available in R.  Please see the CRAN task view on time series for an idea of what is possible.  The data used in the cookbook have been included with the SWMPr package installation or can be downloaded from the workshop website.  Please feel free to contact the instructors with questions regarding this cookbook or general questions about time series analysis in R.  We encourage any feedback regarding these documents or the content of the workshop.


 Download link



Simple Plotting Scripts

These scripts can be used to create multiple plots of time series parameters using the base plotting graphics in R.  Single or multiple data files can be imported.  See the step-by-step guide for directions. Provided by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Grand Bay SWMP coordinator.

      Step-by-step guide (download .docx)

      Script 1 one file (download .r)

      Script 2 multiple files (download .r)


Miscellaneous Resources

      Resources presentation (download PDF)

      SWMPr help manual including list of all functions, arguments, and examples (download PDF)

      R reference card (download PDF)

      Short R Introduction (download PDF)